Facebook Login and Sign UP Guide

FB is one of the largest social networking website and today we are going to give a detailed guide on Facebook Login as well as Facebook Sign UP which will help you to do free registration on the FB website. Consider following each and every step to make Facebook Sign In process much easy to go.

Though billions and trillions of people do have account on Facebook but there are many people who still don’t have account there, today we have given the same guide for you people

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Facebook Sign In

In a nut shell : Facebook Login and Facebook Sign UP

I know Facebook Sign In process is very much easy to understand and follow, but many of my readers fellow on’t understand how the process of Facebook Sign UP goes and do it forced me to post this article for them.

In a nut shell, you just have to get this quick guide which will help you to understand the outlook of the whole article easily.

  • Visit the official website
  • Fill up the registration form
  • Do Facebook Sign Up
  • Verify email address
  • And then follow Facebook Login
  • Start enjoying social networking site

Yes, Facebook Sign In is as much easy as I have mentioned above. And in the whole article we will guide you with each and every step from starting, so if you are newbie then also you will be able to understand the whole process easily.

I hope you already have FB account and you only need guide on how to do Facebook Login (if you don’t have account yet then please wait or directly scroll down to get the whole process for you) For those who only need sign in steps, here we go.

Facebook Sign In or Facebook Login

First of all, you need to visit the official website and enter the details like username and password, here is the steps on how to go ahead.

(Login to Facebook)

1. Just click on Facebook Login Page from the given link and one page will open as shown

Facebook Login Page

2. Now, as shown above, in email or phone you have to enter your respective email address

3. In Password field, just enter your pass which you created during registration

4. Now, check or un-check “keep me logged in” option according to your need

Note : If you using this site from any public computer like cafe, school, then do un-check that option to be safe from future problems of getting unauthorized access to your profile by some unknown person.

5. Click on “Facebook Login” button and you are done.

FB Sign In Process and Steps

You must follow the same guide while using FB from your mobile, there is not much difference in the steps of both systems.

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How to do Facebook Sign UP (Create Facebook Account)?

Here are the simple steps given out, just follow them and you are done with Registration.

Note : To complete the whole process, you will need any email account like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, it is assumed that you already have any of this account. And if you don’t have any email account then consider creating one first as its very much necessary.

1. Visit Facebook Sign Up Page from your Computer or Mobile

2. One the homepage only you will be able to see the registration form as shown

Facebook Sign Up Page

Here is the Facebook Sign Up Page

  • Enter First Name and Last Name
  • Post email address
  • Check it by re-entering
  • Choose your desired password
  • Enter your birth date
  • Select your gender : male or female
  • And then click on “Facebook Sign UP”

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As simple as that, now you will receive the email registration verification link in your email account which you have given during registration process. Click on that and it will successfully verify your account with out any further issue.

So I hope by now you have account on FB, now you must be wondering what to do? how to use it? what is the next step? Then don’t worry we are here to provide you guide on same.

After you have done have all the things i.e Facebook Sign UP, Facebook Login, etc you must be wondering how to use your account further as you are new here, then here is the simple guide to be followed.

Features of Facebook Sign In and Registration Process :

There are tons of features of FB and I can’t even think of describing each and every of them here but yes I will note down some key points for you guys.

  • Facebook Sign UP is 100% free.
  • Free Chatting with Friends
  • Free FB email address
  • Upload and see unlimited images
  • Tag your friends and your friends will be able to tag you in images
  • Comment system is very much good of FB
  • Post status updates with the whole world, and get notifications from your friends
  • I think, FB is becoming more on news portal, you will get news for free
  • Facebook Login is completely free, they don’t charge you anything.

What to do after Facebook Sign Up and Facebook Login?

Just do this much things and your profile on FB will look cool and active enough.

  1. Upload some of your photos
  2. Select FB profile photo from those.
  3. Now, add some of your friends by searching them in search bar
  4. Send them Friend request
  5. Wait till they add you as your friend.
  6. And once you are added, enjoy your social networking life.

Isn’t that cool? Yes, now you will enjoy all things on FB I am saying this because I am already addicted this website and I know if you will use it for long time then you will also be addicted to it.

I hope you enjoyed by guide on Facebook Login process as well as those who were new must have also enjoyed my Facebook Sign UP process too.

And I must say, if you faced any problem during any of the above things then please do comment and we will not mind to contact you and make you understand each and every steps again in another way so that you understand it. Stay tuned!

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  1. Million users are there on Facebook, Sign up in facebook is really easy way to create account. Facebook sing up is totally easy & simple like another social media sing up method.

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