Benefits Of Using HotSpot Shield Launch Software

If you are looking for a way to protect your identity while on the Internet you should consider using hotspot shield launch software. This software will let you connect to a proxy server which can mask your location and if you sign up for the hotspot shield launch paid service you can even access a virtual private network (VPN).

hotspot shield launch


What Is A VPN And What Does It Have To Do With HotSpot Shield Launch Software ?

When you install hotspot shield launch application your computer via your Internet service provider (ISP) will connect to the proxy servers and VPN owned by HotSpot. Once you connect to these proxy servers and VPN. A VPN is a private network that lets you access the Internet without letting people know who you are or where you are from.  If you are in the UK and want to watch movies on Hulu then you would not be able to watch the Hulu videos but with hotspot shield launch you can watch the videos on Hulu if you connect to the VPN in the U.S.A.

hotspot shield launch


Should I Pay For The Hotspot Shield Launch Application

There are two variations of hotspot shield launch, there is the paid and free version, most people use the free version but you should be warned the connection speeds will be considerably slower than the paid solution. Another possible drawback to using the free version of HotSpot shield launch is there will be advertisements shown whenever you are surfing the Internet. With that in mind you should consider taking the paid version of hotspot shield launch. While there are many other VPN service providers HotSpot has the title of being the top choice out there and you naturally want to be with the best firm out there so be sure to keep that in mind.  By using HotSpot shield launch you can keep your identity secret while enjoying everything the Internet has to offer.

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  1. i ususually use hotspot in my hostel room one of the best software thnc for sharing it

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