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(Review) Instagram for PC & Android

Today we are going to cover topic on Free Download Instagram from PC and Android.

Instagram for PC is the most popular photo sharing app available at the iTunes for the iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. One of the most important feature of using Instagram on PC in that earlier people don’t use to share their pictures over the web due to high data cost but as soon as data cost decreased significantly then people started sharing pictures and even videos over the web.

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Free Download Instagram for PC now as people mostly use smartphones these days so this app came for users which allowed them to share their photographs with rest of the world. But what if you don’t have the iPhone or iPad or iPad mini? You must be aware of one fact that people these days use android smartphones and tablets more than the Apple ones, right?

Instagram for PC


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So let me tell you that Instagram is available for free for your android device too. Yes, I’m not kidding!

Instagram for Android Free Download

You can download Instagram Android app for free from the official GooglePlay store if your device runs on Android 2.2 or on higher versions. But make sure your device has got at least 5MP camera otherwise the picture quality which you will share on Instagram for Android will not be impressive. So to establish yourself as a good photographer over here you need to have android device now with at least 5MP rear camera.

Instagram Logo

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The android free app of Instagram is very easy to use as it got very simple and elegant looking user interface. You can even add pictures over the Google Maps. After installing the Instagram for android you need to sign up for a free account. You can integrate this account with your Facebook or Twitter account, it’s completely safe. Once you ready with your account then start sharing best of your pictures right there on Instagram.

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It will be better if you share photos publicly over Instagram so that rest of the world can see what you clicked and shared and if they like your skills then they will definitely follow you. Once you start getting more followers then the real fun of this app begins.

I’ll recommend you to use this free app if you having an android smartphone or tablet which is having 5MP or higher sensor camera at rear.

Instagram for PC Free Download

Now what if you don’t own an android device too? You must be having computer or laptop, right? Don’t lose your heart as you can use Instagram for PC or Computer and free download too.

Unfortunately there is no official Instagram for PC but there are lots of third party apps available which will let you use Instagram on your PC.


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You can download Instagrille app available on Pokki store for free. This app will let you use your account from your PC. So you can share your photographs from your PC as well using the Instagram for Computer.

instagram for laptop


So I hope you enjoyed this article on Free Download Instagram for PC or Computer as well as Android and if you have any type of issue then please do comment if you already used Instagram on PC.

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